Cleansing and clearing the body of built up impurities (imagine a car filter as old as your body and it's never been cleaned or changed!) is a key first step in rebalancing the body.  Simple whole foods and recipes you will love will help you create a new relationship with food.  I guide you into the world of super foods and why they are key in today's world for optimal health.  The starting point for this is a comprehensive Question and Answer package for you to complete in order to evaluate your current state of health and wellness. 

Weight Management, Energy and Performance, and Healthy Aging Packages

This is perfect for the person who already has a set goal in mind and is looking for a preset program to help them achieve that goal.

The Weight Loss Solution Program will help you safely and effectively lose pounds and inches, build lean muscle, cleanse away harmful impurities in your body, manage stress and improve energy.

The Energy and Performance Solution Programis for those who are looking to take their fitness and life performance and athleticism to a higher level.  This system supports growth and maintenance of lean muscle, provides concentrated natural nutrients to provide the energy edge in a work-out or training and helps the body recover faster and easier from workouts or training.

The Healthy Aging Solution Program is for those wishing to counter the everyday oxidative stress and toxins that we are exposed to that age our cells and slow down our metabolism.  With targeted nutritionals to support healthy brain function, restful sleep, as well as joint health, this program provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle full of energy and vitality.

Ongoing health maintenance programs are also available.

A 20 minute consultation, email, a private FB group are all part of the support that is included in the purchase of these programs.

A note about Cleansing and Detoxification:

Cleansing practices have been an intricate part of ancient cultures for centuries.  Ridding the body of internally and externally sourced toxins is a foundational health practice for disease prevention by ensuring cell rejuvenation instead of deterioration; especially as we age, therefore giving optimal function to all organs and systems.   Nutritional Cleansing is the most up to date blend of science and nature to incorporate the best knowledge of nutritional science with raw nutrient rich food and botanicals to detoxify the entire body while providing excellent nutritional support during this process.

wellness assessment and NUTRITION coaching

Making healthy choices
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Many food philosophies exist these days, and many people feel the need to jump on a band wagon of this diet or that diet.  "DIET" to me is an acronym for Depressingly Intense Emotional Trauma.  No food regime should create more work or more stress for a person.  Life can be stressful enough.  I endeavour to look at where you are currently at in your health journey, find ouT what YOUR goals are, and work with you with a sensible plan to achieve that goal.  

There are definitely foods that are "nutrient robbing" foods and should be avoided most of the time. Overall, however, I endeavour to share with you my knowledge and resources to guide you to eating for health and vitality and getting your body metabolism to a healthy balance.