Hair Analysis

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Unlock Your Epigenetic Potential and Achieve Optimum Wellness.

Did you know that cellular weakness presents long before symptoms or sickness are expressed? These weaknesses are a direct result of the environment in which we live.

A unique German technology was created by Cell Wellbeing to index the environmental influences of cellular weaknesses in the areas of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, EFAs, Antioxidants as well as Food/Food Additives, Toxins, Microbiology and Electromagnetic and Extremely Low Frequency disturbances.

​The data which forms each report is based on informational resonance with the database of environmental files and is not a physical measure of elements or factors affecting the body or stored on the hair. As such, it is not considered diagnostic nor medical in nature.

Each comparison indicates the relevance of an environmental influence based on a numerical value generated. This value has no scale or baseline but reflects the individual’s response to the influence which can be different for every person.

In just 20 minutes, by scanning a sample of hair from the scalp, you will receive a full report indicating the above areas and your body's current status in these areas.

Using the information provided from this report along with your health history, I am able to map out a clear plan of what needs to be addressed and in what order or priority.  It takes 80 days for the hair